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Nijmegen is full of tango activities next month. Not just Doble Ocho: two other major tango events will transform Nijmegen into 'Buenos Aires on the River Waal'.
On the 7th of March ten shops and venues in Nijmegen will be presenting live tango music and two salons are also taking place. From the 12th to the 14th a classic Spiegeltent ('tent of mirrors') will be positioned right in the centre of town with numerous tango and Argentina-related activities including a concert by Juan Carlos Caceres, tango caf├ęs, a chacarera workshop, mate drinking and wine-tasting and lectures about Argentina. But why so many events, in a small town, all so close together? Is Doble Ocho expanding ?

It is Doble Ocho’s aim to have an extra high profile in Nijmegen every second year. This was realized in the past with the Caravane Tango, the ‘biggest tango class' world record attempt, and the concert with church organ, bandoneon and bass in 2003. Now, in 2010, it is time to do something special again and Nijmegen, ‘Buenos Aires on the Waal' is the result – coinciding with celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s independence. An exchange has been arranged between the Joris Ivens Foundation in Nijmegen and the National Film and Documentary Archive in Argentina. Also the Embassador of Argentina in the Netherlands, Mr. Santos Goni, will open this programme together with the Major of Nijmegen, Mr. Thom de Graaf, on March 12, 12.00 in the Spiegeltent on Koningsplein.

So a lot of things are happening, and the regular Doble Ocho participant might ask: is Doble Ocho undergoing a major programme of expansion? The answer is no! Next year will be the normal 5 day festival again - with the usual extras of course, and... the 3x8 celebrations. El Corte will be celebrating its 24th birthday!! Will the festival change its name? I guess not, but probably some special stuff will be organized again to celebrate the 3x8! With for example again two salons in El Corte again!! ( that’s how it started in 2003!)

The 2011 festival will be back at Easter. This is sometimes also confusing, why is Doble Ocho not always at Easter? The reason is El Corte’s chained salons. For example, one will take place over the Easter weekend of 2010, and an overlap with Doble Ocho is not possible. It would break an almost 24 year old tradition, the oldest free tango marathon in Europe (the world?) organized successively for the past 23 years without omission!

read the rest of this article in the upcoming Doble Ocho newspaper !

Lucien Lecarme

Full programme of the Music Route of march 7th:

And for more information about the history of the Spiegeltent: click here

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