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Dear Tango Friends,
The festival is over. But not in many hearts and minds of so many visitors that came to a sunny Nijmegen to dance easter away on 5 days and nights covered with sun, warmth and a smile. Everybody experienced her or his special Doble Ocho moment, shared or alone, but most likely in an embrace in a tangocafe, a fusion song, a classic milonga, on live music, on vibrations from inside. We all embraced a new winner of the music concurso (Quinteto Arrastre )and where pushed up to energetic heights by the Astillero crew. Carefully made steps on vinyl records mastered and selected by DJ JUR on friday, re-discovering the origins of recorded music through the scratches that occured randomly when we bumped too hard near the DJ's spot. Lindenberg cafe gave us the cafe atmosphere that balanced the GRAN NOCHE feeling of he ART DECO Vereeniging locations. Dancing still small and carefull, like it was a chained salon saturday climax moment. Eric and Henry surprised us again on friday in their mass workshop, and Alexander Zabara caught the light in between transforming the dance into an art of movement displayed in his magical work of photography. And Stefan just couldn't stop on sunday, afraid of finishing this high energy goodbye salon. But a goodbye is necessary to meet again, and that we meet again is sure for tangofriends. ( free interpretation from Richard Bach's Illussions )

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