DOBLE OCHO 2011 review

The 2011 Doble Ocho was a hot summer festival !! In the end of april, during 10 days, a real heatwave covered the Netherlands and Nijmegen, resulting in temperatures from 23 to 28 celcius. This made the 2011 Doble Ocho edition a very 'Hot' festival. For the first time in 8 years we could open the doors of the Vereeniging bars to the balconies, overlooking the main square of Nijmegen in the city centre. With candels on the tables and the lights over the city, this was a very romantic add-on to this years edition where we introduced the tangobazaar. Also we introduced the Tango Music Contest and the Music JAM and on the same day, and we had a Spanish winner of the concurso, El Repique from Barcelona. As result of winning the contest, they will now play on the Int. tangofestival of Sitges on july 14th.
There where also tango afterparties in our Tangohotel 'Courage ',that was filled with festival guests. People enjoyed the festival programme with workshops from maestro's Like Adrian & Alejandra, Martin & Maurizio and Ismael and Maria. The friday and saturday hosted over 400 people in the Vereeniging, and there was a fine dance flow, with ofcourse on saturday the extra Fusion Room.
For many, another highlight was the Misa Criolla in the Valkhof Museum on Easter Sunday. It was the finish of another Doble Ocho with lots of live music, long hours of dancing, hot sun and warm encounters.

Lucien Lecarme, Festival Director

Doble Ocho 2011 photo impressions can be found on
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